Here we go again


The winter that never ends.

The snow has pretty much all melted, but we have yet another winter storm on the way. I’ve been spreading seed, raisins, dried mealworms and suet pellets on the ground for the fox sparrows, robins and hermit thrush (yes, I did get my new yard bird!)

Over the weekend I saw a nice looking Cooper’s hawk perch up in the oak tree just to the left of the feeders. This morning I still had at least 15 fox sparrows and plenty of juncos, they must know about the impending winter storm.

Several fox sparrows on the ground behind the feeder.

Several fox sparrows on the ground behind the feeder.

They are all very well fed so they can continue their journey north anytime now. I’m glad I could give them a bit of a helping hand during this weird weather. I guess when they finally leave, I can really believe that winter is actually over. Supposedly it will get up to 60+ degrees this coming weekend, but I’ll trust the birds to let me know when spring arrives!

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